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ico Frequently Asked Questions
1. What if there is no 90° angle between the floor and the wall?
If the wall is sloping, you can still glue with Block Lock. If the wall has a slope outwards, you can fill in the clearance with Block Lock glue. If the wall has a slope inwards, you should start with the first layer slightly retracted and then fill in the clearance with Block Lock glue. Ensure that the glass blocks and the joints are made straight.
2. The floor has a slope? An inclination in the floor?
The floor profile should always be placed strictly level. 1. Make up a level bossage 7 cm wide from a mortar material of your choice; it should, however, bear the weight of the glass blocks. Then glue the floor profile to the bossage. You can also use plastic wedges and place them under the floor profile so that the profile is level. Place the wedges orderly so that the glass blocks have an even basis.
3. Is any frame around the glass blocks required?
When using BlockLock you do not need any frame or anchoring to the ceiling.Therefore, you can use end blocks to complete the wall.
4. Unstable wall when I have finished with all glass blocks?
The wall may feel unstable before you have finished with grouting. The glue hardens after 24 hours; however, it gets completely hard after 3 weeks. After grouting the wall is stable.
5.Professional tip for workers
You can build the whole wall directly if hot melt adhesive is used additionally. Make hot melt adhesive dots along the profile so that the hot melt adhesive is in contact with the glass block. Block Lock glue should still be used in-between.
6. Shower wall?
If you have assembled glass blocks with Block Lock into a shower wall, you can use the shower the same day. Block Lock glue is water resistant, and the structure will not be damaged.
7. Installing a door in the glass blocks?
You can install a shower door, a towel rail, a toilet paper holder, etc. in the grout if you have glued the glass block with Block Lock system.