ico Block Lock Shower system - Waikiki
The Waikiki Collection. Complete and modern shower cabins built from glass block walls and glass doors. All connected with the super simple Block Lock system available in installation sets suitable for each shower model. Due to this the choice and purchase of each shower model is extraordinarily simple. All the component elements of each model in a prepared and convenient package.
Mounting doors Mounting doors

Mounting shower doors to glass blocks is no small undertaking. But not for walls built with the aid of Block Lock system. PVC foam mounting strips placed in the gaps between blocks enable stable mounting of heavy doors with the use of classic screws.
Regulated profile Regulated profile

Patented system for mounting and closing shower doors to floors depending on the angle of opening (+/- 5 mm). The system enables the precise regulation of the opening and closing point of doors.
Block Lock Sets Block Lock Sets

Easy and convenient system for constructing walls from glass blocks, which are parts of the whole Waikiki collection. Available in special installation sets suited to each Waikiki model.